National Fidelity Mortgage - Promised to refinance.Lied.stole my apprais

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AQnother lady got involve3dPromised to refinance home.spent 6 weeks faxing info to them.finally came down to trying to make me change addresses onmy drivers license!!!I told them it sounds illegal?

They said"no""don,t worryu about it??

Then they sai((Damon Dukes)) that they never promised etc.Hung up on meThey promised to send back my $350.00 I paid fo appaisel..They said that they never said that..The said Michael Blaylock said it.((He quit NFM..Said that the were liars and thieves!!Anothert lady got involved.Sai we should change address on drivers license etc

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National Fidelity Mortgage - Nfm pulled my credit without auth.

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I callled to ask about refi programs, gave them the address of the home told them not to pull my credit report.I wanted to consider what he had told me.

I was notifyed the following day they had used software to find and pull my report without my consent. The agents name was Stan Feldman. As I said before I did not give him my SS number. This is a very un professional company.

Looks like they are trying to scam people if they do this type of action in their business practices.RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY as fast as you can.

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